renters are dumb

my mom has a townhouse she has been renting out to a couple. they signed the lease in february 2010. last september they missed a month’s payment & it wasn’t until my mom was on their asses like white on rice, that they handed over cash to her. they promised it wouldn’t happen again & my mom allowed them to renew their lease this past february. well, it’s september again…14 days into the month…and guess who hasn’t paid rent yet?!? my mom has called them every day, but no answer or message returned. my mom’s husband called them today basically asking why they aren’t calling us back & if they don’t let them know what’s going on, they’re getting the boot. they called right back…some B.S. about him getting a new job & he conveniently get’s paid this friday. my mom told me if she doesn’t get a check from him by friday she is starting the eviction process.

of course, i’ll believe it when i see it. i kind of hope they don’t pay. i want my mom to get her money, but i also don’t like these people messing around. they always pay late, so of course my mom get’s more money b/c of late fees. but still. renting out that house is part of her income. she needs that money to pay bills. i want to see their asses get evicted!!!!!!!