Mortgages are crazy

So today I sat down and made my mortgage payment for next month. I’ve mentioned it before…when I was first figuring out how mortgages worked, I had no clue. No one prepared me for the fact that if you borrow like 100k - after 30 years when all is said and done, you end up paying close to 200k. I had no clue. I put a good chunk of down payment on my home and got a loan for $66,900. The lender gave me an amortization paper that shows the breakdown of principal and interest and what not. If I paid only what is due, then I would end up paying back approximately $125k - so $58k in interest. Right now I’m rounding up my mortgage and paying an extra $165/mo on the principal. By doing that, instead of having the mortgage paid off in 30yrs, it’ll be paid off in 12!!!!! TWELVE!!!!! Also, instead of $58k in interest, it’ll be like $21k. So instead of paying back $125k it’ll be about $88k. Muuuuucccchhhhhh much better.

Math is fun when it works out in your favor.

Lazy day. No work. Slept in till 10. Then laid in bed till 11:30. Showered. Paid bills. Went to post office, medical scrub store & target. Then did some cleaning. My mom stopped by for a bit. I did some laundry. So I did stuff…just with minimal effort. This somewhat explains my catastrophic weight gain in 2014. That’s something I need to put effort into. I need some motivational help. A pep talk. Or someone to yell at me. Ughhhhh.

I wish I had something wonderful to share, but I really don’t. I’ve been eating too much & not exercising for 8 months. So I’ve seen a number on the scale that I never thought I’d see again. So obviously I’m pissed. I’ll consider doing something about that soon.

Finally got my 3D blu Ray DVD player working w/ my tv. So I watched avatar in 3D. And tangled. Pretty cool. Then again, for the cost of the whole set up, it better be fucking awesome!

Work is work. They hired a person to work with me. My boss said she’s ready to cut her losses with her. She’s a moron. She also looks like she’s on meth. So….there’s that.

Tech savvy help needed!!!

So a few weeks ago I got samsung 3D/HD/smart tv. It’s samsung model UN46H7150AFXZA. My mom got the same tv. To go with it, we each got a 3D blu Ray DVD player - both samsung. Hers was model BD-H6500 and mine was BD-H5900. I purchased Avatar 3D blu ray. The DVD player will play standard DVD & blu Ray DVD. But when I try to play 3D DVD I get audio & no picture. I took the DVD to my moms, and the same thing happened. So I exchanged for new DVD but problem persisted. Samsung support suggested things like resetting DVD player & disabling BD Live - neither of which resolved the problem. So I decided to try a DVD with different production company, but got same results - audio but no video. Then I traded in my HDMI cable for a high end cable - still no video. As a last resort today, I returned the samsung 3D blu Ray DVD player and got a Sony BDPS5200 3D blu Ray DVD player. To my disappointment, the same issue persists.

I’ve been in touch with samsung customer support via twitter. Although polite, they have been useless. I just can’t believe that my mom & I are having the same trouble. The common denominator is the TV. But how likely is it that 2 TVs are having this problem?

Are my settings wrong or something? I just don’t get it at all!!!

Can anyone help?

Fuck my life!!!!

Transmission control module. Does that sound like something expensive? Well, it is. Turns out, my car battery exploded and was leaking acid onto my transmission. Since the battery caused the problem, the power train warranty didn’t cover it. So, a new transmission control module & battery cost $1,400. Yup. They generously gave me 15% off, so I ended up spending just over $1,200. I mean…what could I do? I have no choice but to get it fixed. I wasn’t surprised that the warranty didn’t cover it b/c I has corrosion on the battery. What I didn’t know, is that the transmission is fucking expensive. And this after I spent nearly $700 on tires/wipers/alignment/oil change. Holy fuck!!!

Despite spending an arm & a leg on that, I did some shopping afterwards. The 3D blu-Ray DVD player that’s usually $129 was on sale for $89, plus I had $25 in best buy rewards. So I got that, and decided to get avatar in 3D. It was AMAZING! Best home movie experience. Better than I imagined. So awesome.

And, ladies & gentlemen, that is why I don’t have or want children. If I had kids, I can’t imagine that I’d be able to afford to do either of those things. It’s nice to have cash reserve that is for my rainy day, not a dependants.

update on life

family still here. went to disney’s magic kingdom on wednesday. one of my nephews had like 3,764 meltdowns. the other nephew, surprisingly, was angelic.

saturday night i had a “transmission malfunction” alert go off in my car. it remained through most of sunday too. nobody (tire kingdom, pep boys, etc.) does transmission repair & can’t look at & even tell me if car is ok to drive. also, naturally, no dealer service center is open on sundays. the alert didn’t pop up today, but i’m still going to drop it off on wednesday to see what’s going on.

last night my brother who lives down here kicked me out of his house. his daughter - who is VERY demanding of my attention - ripped my cellphone out of my hand and it went crashing to the ground. i raised my voice at her. he told her to go inside & proceeded to tell me not to fucking talk to his daughter like that & it was an accident & i can get the fuck out of his house. first of all - it wasn’t an accident. obviously she wasn’t intending to cause damage to my iphone - but she was trying to get my attention & since i was ignoring her she pulled down on it to get my attention. essentially, she was being a brat. i told her she’s lucky she didn’t damage it b/c i wouldn’t be talking to her if she did. it’s not like i threatened to punish her or anything. i could have said much worse in the heat of the moment - but i restrained big time b/c every word in his house is a bad word. can’t even say “butt” in his house. its tushie - so ridiculous. she can’t always be the center of attention & she’s never going to learn to behave if her dad is making excuses for everything she does. i don’t care if you’re 2 years old of 80 - if you cause harm to me or my personal property - i’m going to be pissed off. and unlike him - i don’t make 100K a year. nice electronics are a luxury for me. so i’m done with him if he’s going to get mad at me for his daughter’s behavior. obviously his passive parenting has been unsuccessful.

today i went to legoland with my visiting brother & his 2 boys. it was nice but i wouldn’t go again. its 1.5 hours away from orlando. obviously the shopping is shitty - all legos. the food & beverages were more expensive than disney. but there were a good number of rides i went on that were fun. i guess, compared to disney, it’s kind of pathetic. it only opened 3 years ago, but seems old. it use to be another water park - i don’t know how much of what’s there is new & how much is original. bottom line - fun, but not fun enough to go with them again.

tomorrow i have to work. i’m technically on vacation through wednesday, but offered to work b/c i knew my coworker needed a day off & i knew i’d need a break from my family.

The family arrived yesterday. I went to see them after work last night.

I texted my mom to see what the plans were this morning. She said they were going to do miniature golf…I declined to participate. Sure enough they stopped at my house less than 2hrs later b/c it was too hot & too many kids there.

They were here for about an hour, then went back to my moms to go swimming. I guess they went to my brothers tonight to go swimming too.

She texted me about 15min ago to say we’re going to disney tomorrow. I’m waiting to hear the details.

For now, I’ve been chilling watching CMA music festival on tv. Looks & sounds great on my tv!

In less than 24 hours I get to see my brother & nephews!! They fly in around 2:30 or 3, but I’m at work till 6pm. So basically, tomorrow is going to be a long day! Hopefully I’ll get to sneak out of work early. Fingers crossed!

I’m excited to have time off. I don’t know when I’ll get time again next year (due to my coworkers “delicate” position - she’s due in January & wants 3mo off - assuming she stays through her pregnancy). So I really do want to make the most of each day…even if it means paying $85 to go to legoland. I should really see what they have at the park. I’ve never looked. So I know legoland for sure. Mom’s probably going to get blue men tix. Definitely a day or two at disney. I’d like to take the boys to see TMNT when that comes out.

I got some groceries this morning, then helped my mom do some cleaning at her house. I just got finished cleaning my condo. Just doing some laundry right now. Going to watch big brother, followed by true blood, then call it a night.

I’m really excited to see what my brother thinks of my condo. I think he’ll like it & be proud of my attempts to pay off my mortgage early. We’ll see….

Life thoughts

Just sitting in my living room, realizing that life’s ok. Perhaps, even, good. I have this beautiful home - that I still can’t believe is mine. One more week marks 5 months of living here. I can’t comprehend that I’m a homeowner. It’s still amazing & all that other shit. I’ve got the place looking pretty nice without putting a shit ton of money into it. I mean, some people buy a new home & insists on all new furniture and accessories. With the exception to my new tv, I’ve been pretty modest with what I’ve spent inside this home.

I’m learning to find good balance in my finances - get everything paid and save some money so I can splurge once and a while. Let’s be honest though - being an adult is expensive. I’ve got my mortgage (which taxes & my insurance are bundled into), a monthly & quarterly HOA payment, car payment, car insurance, health insurance, credit card x2, cable/internet & power bill. And those are my expected monthly expenses. Then figure in food & gas. Then life, lol. Spent almost $400 earlier this month on eye exam & contact lenses. Then spent over $600 yesterday getting oil change, new tires, and new wipers for my car. But I’m getting it all taken care of. My $1.50/hr raise that I got like 2mo ago is helping tremendously. But even though I’m doing just fine, I want to shed a tear when I think about how much money I spent this month!

What’s the greatest thing about all of this? I’m paying all those bills on my own. I don’t need a spouse to rely on to get shit taken care of. But then, of course, I think about how much more I would save if I did have a partner in crime. Then I stretch myself across my queen size bed & remember that it’s quite nice to have the covers to myself.

Just a handful of days left until my brother & my 2 nephews arrive. Don’t know what we’ll do while they’re here. I do know that my mom and I will make some use of our disney world annual passes - we are both taking off from work while they’re visiting. My brothers kids want to go to Lego land. They loved it last year (i didn’t go with them). As much as I’d like to see them have fun, I’m not going to pay $85 to see that. Personally, I have no interest in going to that park. Still trying to rally them into going to disney. My mom is also looking into tickets to see blue men group. I saw the show once like 5 years ago & had a great time. I know they’ve changed it since then. I think the boys would like it.

I’m certainly ready for a break from work. I haven’t had a vacation in nearly a year and a half. I desperately need a break - work has been draining. I’m at a crossroads with how to handle my vacation time - do I sleep (which I feel like I could sleep 3 days straight right now) or make the most of every minute & have fun? Either way - I just need to get through 2.5 more days of work!!!!

One of these dudes looks like Dr. Hunt from “Grey’s anatomy” - a rough & buff looking ginger. Not often you find a decent looking mechanic. Wonder how old he is. He helped me when I came for a flat tire like 2 years ago.

This is what runs through my head when I’m bored & waiting. I’ve been waiting an hour for my car. Wifi not as great as I thought. Few pages are blocked. Can’t open any game apps. Bummer.

There are 2 dead cockroaches on the floor. Under the chairs. Hope there aren’t any under mine. Or a live one. Ick. This is a garage, not a food service place, so I don’t expect cleanliness. Can you imagine the car dudes sweeping, mopping, cleaning counters, washing windows…? Nah.

Soooooooo bored

Thank goodness for wifi

Getting my car serviced - oil change, new wipers & new tires. I’m getting too good at spending money 😒 At least I have internet access during my 1.5 hour wait.

Excited that my brother and nephews will be here in 5 days. Even more excited that I won’t be working. BUT - I’m going to be out a whole work week & there is no one to relieve my coworker. I offered her one specific day that I’d work. It’ll make things a hell of a lot easier for them. I think she realized that b/c I got a call that I only have to work tomorrow morning & I’ll have the afternoon off. Shocking b/c we have a relief veterinarian in. Usually I’m stuck there when she’s in.

But that’s good b/c then I can do cleaning tomorrow. I want a clean house even though they’re staying at my moms. Hey - the nephews may want a sleepover. You never know. But I will be dedicating my weekend to helping my mom clean her house. I’m a good daughter!!

85 minutes to go…