Nothing says “single” like watching devil wears prada on a Saturday night.

Also, I’m ok with that.

Saturday’s are the hardest day for me to eat well. Too much time on my hands & not enough to keep me busy 😒. I got home from work an hour ago. Now I’m going to get my haircut. Might take a nap after that….sleeping keeps me from overeating.

I’m still in it. Walked about 2 miles yesterday. Walked 3 miles today. Still eating well. Just gotta keep my head in this and remember my goals. I wanna be back below 200 before the end of the year. I want to go to Vegas again next year and I want to be in the best shape of my life when I go, so there’s no time to waste!

My back has been painful for several days. I’ve been taking Tylenol 3x a day and no relief. It’s constantly a bit achy but every time I straighten my back I get a sharp pain. My mom gave me some salonpas patches to try. I’ve had one on for 2 hours and I don’t feel any different. If the pain persists, I really need to see a doctor about it.

Ate well yesterday & went for a 3 mile walk. It was nice b/c it’s been overcast & rainy for a few days - which also means it’s been cooler outside. It actually feels like fall is kinda here.

I’m surprised I ate well yesterday b/c it was a super stressful workday. Chaotic would be a better day. We were booked & had 3 surgeries. We made 2-3x our daily average. Unbelievable. I’m also surprised I walked b/c I’ve had some intense back pain the last 3 days. I know it’s my weight that’s causing it. Truth is, over the last year I’ve gained back almost 50#. It’s embarassing & difficult to admit, but it is what it is.

The back pain & exhaustion are what has finally kicked my ass. I can’t stand being tired all the time. I’ve restocked my house with good food options. I’ve eliminated any food that I’m incapable of eating just one portion of….so no chips, crackers, or pretty much any other snack. I realize that I overeat. I eat b/c I crave the taste - not b/c I’m hungry. I mean, last night I was watching a movie & a natural reaction is to grab a bunch of food…but I literally kept saying “don’t do it!” To myself.

I plan to update more often. I’m already back to logging all my food on my fitness pal. Since I’m cutting back rather abruptly, I should shed the first 5# quickly - which is always satisfying and encouraging when getting back on track.

Miracles do happen

I fell asleep before 11pm last night. So, it’s actually possible. Gonna shoot for 10:30 tonight.

Watching 76 year old Tommy Chong do the cha-cha to Snoop Dog’s “drop it like its hot” on dancing w/ the stars just made my day!

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got out of work early. had a good dinner w/ my mom & we went for a walk. only 2 miles tonight. it still left me pretty sweaty. it was much warmer tonight than the other night.

went w/ my mom to the car dealership yesterday. she ended up buying the ford escape titanium in “sunset orange.” she’s happy. she liked the toyota rav4, but as expected, the newer escape was a no-brainer choice over the rav4. she’s also happy b/c she loved the orange color (she use to have a chevy avalanche in that color).

although i’m gung-ho for getting a new car, i’m still wanting to work on my credit. haha - my mom had hers ran at the dealership yesterday to try to qualify for 0% interest (which is always advertised, but you have to be WELL qualified). the salesmen came back w/ her credit report and said he’s never seen a credit score that high before. her’s is 867! holy shit, mom. the highest is 900 and she’s almost there! craziness. when i last had mine checked, it was 737…which is pretty good. above average, that’s for sure. but i’ve gotta work on paying down my credit cards. i owe $800 on the one that i put $700 on for oil change/wipers/new tires. $1400 on the one i put the tv on. and $1200 on what i consider my main credit card - the one i would use for typical purchases. it’s also what i used when i got 2 sets of mattresses and a bunch of house stuff. i also owe $2850 on my car still. so basically, i need to lower all those numbers before i go car shopping. so, we’re definitely talking at least 6mo down the road, if not more. but i’ve got years of paying all these cards, my car, and now a mortgage ON TIME and IN FULL! no missed/late payments!!!!

this is the life of an adult. money. work. finances. being over 30. haha. but yeah. i’ve said this before - i wish someone taught me how to handle finances better when i was younger.

Slept like a champ last night. 6 straight hours is a total win for me.

I did it!

Walked three miles tonight. My shirt was drenched with sweat. It felt good. I can’t wait to really get my momentum going and shed off all this weight I’ve gained in the last ten months! I want to re-gain my self control and get back on track. Of course, history proves that it’s easier said than done.

The weather is finally making walking a little less agonizing. The temps are going down a little. Rather than a high of 95-97, it’s 90. The mornings are a bit cooler too. I cannot fucking wait for colder weather. I love the fall & winter holiday seasons. Black Friday is 2mo away 😉. Always freezing standing in line for that. To start getting in the fall mood, I got some fall scents for bath & body works wallflower refills.

Work was ok today. It was steady. We had some majorly sick dogs. I got through it. Tomorrow doesn’t look busy, but we’ll see what happens. If the afternoon remains slow, I’ll be able to have off. If so, I’ll be going to another car dealership w/ my mom. Then hopefully go walking after that.

Tonight I need to figure out some meal planning. I almost want to make my own personalized cook book for healthier meal options. I could write the total calories for each meal. I don’t know…we’ll see

After consuming a bag of white chocolate candy corn m&m’s, I’ve decided I need to take losing weight seriously again. I fell off the weightloss wagon at the end of November last year. I’ve made many half assed attempts to restart my diet - but I never stuck to anything. This is the longest slump I’ve ever been in. And I’m over it. I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m tired ALL the time. I’m having more headaches. My body aches all over. I’m so tired of being fat again. I let this get wayyyyy out of control. I just texted my mom to ask her to start walking with me again…no response yet.

Yesterday I did nothing. Found out that my mom was out looking at cars & getting prices. We both had stated that we weren’t going to buy new cars until we paid off our loans. I guess she couldn’t stick to that plan. She liked the toyota rav4 and of course the newer version of her ford escape. She visited the nearby ford dealership and the toyota dealership. I went with her today to a different toyota dealership whose motto is “we’ll never lose your business over price” - and they did. They wouldn’t budge on price. So after 2 hours of them trying to talk her into purchasing - we left. I told her the rav4 was nice, but I think she’d like the 2014 ford escape - that has all the features my focus has - much better than the rav4.

I, however, have the patience to wait. My intent has been to get the 2015 focus next year. I have the SEL sedan. I want to get the titanium hatchback. It’s basically fully loaded. But…I keep seeing commercials tonight for the honda fit. It’s a bit less than the focus, even when fully loaded. When I say fully loaded, I’m talking moonroof, leather seats, stereo system w/ touch screen & navigation, push touch start, rear parking cameras - and all that jazz. But no looking until next year - spring or summer time.

This week will be long. We have a relief doctor in. When we have someone filling in, I don’t get a day off. It sucks. It wears me down. There’s a slight chance, it it’s slow, I might get the afternoon off on Wednesday. I doubt it. The odds are never in my favor.

So back the the weight loss thing. I have some incentives. I have racked up $75 in old navy rewards - the first reward than expires is for $35 and it expires 11/30/14. So I need to lose weight before buying any clothes. Also, I want to look good when I get a new car next year. Don’t want to look like a total fat ass when I could potentially be matched with a good looking salesman (good looking car salesmen are a rarity, but you never know). And it looks like I’m going to Vegas next year - probably in April. So….can’t be looking like shit while I’m there.

We’ll see how all this goes…