One of these dudes looks like Dr. Hunt from “Grey’s anatomy” - a rough & buff looking ginger. Not often you find a decent looking mechanic. Wonder how old he is. He helped me when I came for a flat tire like 2 years ago.

This is what runs through my head when I’m bored & waiting. I’ve been waiting an hour for my car. Wifi not as great as I thought. Few pages are blocked. Can’t open any game apps. Bummer.

There are 2 dead cockroaches on the floor. Under the chairs. Hope there aren’t any under mine. Or a live one. Ick. This is a garage, not a food service place, so I don’t expect cleanliness. Can you imagine the car dudes sweeping, mopping, cleaning counters, washing windows…? Nah.

Soooooooo bored

Thank goodness for wifi

Getting my car serviced - oil change, new wipers & new tires. I’m getting too good at spending money 😒 At least I have internet access during my 1.5 hour wait.

Excited that my brother and nephews will be here in 5 days. Even more excited that I won’t be working. BUT - I’m going to be out a whole work week & there is no one to relieve my coworker. I offered her one specific day that I’d work. It’ll make things a hell of a lot easier for them. I think she realized that b/c I got a call that I only have to work tomorrow morning & I’ll have the afternoon off. Shocking b/c we have a relief veterinarian in. Usually I’m stuck there when she’s in.

But that’s good b/c then I can do cleaning tomorrow. I want a clean house even though they’re staying at my moms. Hey - the nephews may want a sleepover. You never know. But I will be dedicating my weekend to helping my mom clean her house. I’m a good daughter!!

85 minutes to go…

some people dread paying bills. i get extreme satisfaction - particularly when paying something that is a debt (mortgage, car loan, credit cards). every month i am one payment closer to becoming debt free. i imagine it’s going to be 10-12 years before everything is paid off, but when that moment happens - i’ll be elated! and paying down extra principal makes me happy b/c i know it’ll decrease my total mortgage loan drastically - probably about 40K when all is said and done.

so yes. i like paying my bills. and yes, i’m extremely grateful that i have a decent job where i’m able to make my payments & make them on time!!

So this is my new toy:

I ended up getting a new tv. Other than my condo, my car & my health…this is the next biggest purchase. But this is going to be in my life for hopefully a good 10yrs. And also, I didn’t take a trip this year - so this makes up for it.

I did not get the 4k ultra HDTV that I posted the other day. I ended up getting a samsung 46” LED 3D HDTV Smart TV. To me, the picture quality was better. Then add on the 3D effect and the fact that it was a few hundred dollars less. The 3D effect (push of a button on the remote & wear special glasses that come with it) just gives the picture a lot more depth & dimension. It’s not like in a theater where shit looks like it’s coming off the screen. For that theater quality I would need to purchase 3D movies & get a 3D blue-Ray DVD player. But I’m in no rush for that. “Gravity” looks cool enough just pushing the 3D button. So for now, I’m ok w/ my regular DVD player that’s like 12+ years old!

I also had to flip my living room around. Any light across from the tv makes viewing difficult. So that was a task and a half - especially moving my sectional. I still need to move my wall art where the tv is now - need to raise it higher. But I did enough for one day.

My brother and his sons will be here one week from tomorrow. He hasn’t been down in a year - so he hasn’t seen my new home yet. My mom said we’ll have to see if he realizes that we have the same tv. Haha. With exception to the day they arrive, I’ll be off the whole time they’re here. They won’t even be to my moms house until 4 or 4:30pm…not worth taking the whole day off if I get out an hour & a half after they get to my moms. But I’m excited to spend some quality time with them. My brother never posts any pics on Facebook, so I can’t wait to see how they’ve grown!!

Reason #5,983 why I’m not having children

So instead of spending money on feeding/clothing the kid, I can spend it on shit like this:

No…I didn’t buy it. The tv is $1,600. But I will get it. I mean, look how perfect it looks in my photo. It’s called a 4k ultra HDTV smart tv. And I’m in love!

Burns so good

Put icy hot on my lower back, my neck & my shoulders. My skin is on fire!

This is what I want for my next vehicle. Basically it’s the same as my focus, except it has leather seats. But same touch screen & Sony stereo system. I’ve always wanted an SUV. I want to pay off my car first (

This is what I want for my next vehicle. Basically it’s the same as my focus, except it has leather seats. But same touch screen & Sony stereo system. I’ve always wanted an SUV. I want to pay off my car first (

My brother is the most ungrateful, arrogant prick that I’ve ever met. He’s complaining to me on Facebook about having to pay several thousand dollars towards my dad’s life insurance policy. I did it without complaint. When my dad dies, we each get 40x that amount back. He’s bitching b/c he thought my dad was gifting us the money to pay the life insurance company. I guess he was asked when he was sending in his check & that they got mine already. So he thought I was given money. Technically - we were given the money…in the form of trust funds which have since been dissolved & we are now in control of that money. But, you know, how dare someone make my brother spend that money on something that doesn’t pay off immediately.

The next comment he sends me I’m gonna tell him “if you don’t want to pay, why don’t you call dad & tell him to remove you as a beneficiary of his life insurance policy?” Shit….it would mean more money for me. Not that I’m looking forward to my dad’s death….but this is his plan to take care of us. My dad is trying to make sure that his kids & grand kids have a better life than he did as a child & young adult. My dad came from nothing. He made a lot of bad choices when we were young, but he has done everything in his power to correct that.

Since he was 17, my brother has wanted for nothing. He has been given so much - cars, money, masters degree paid for…and he’s still bitching. I want to cut off his foot & shove it up his ass!!!

Ohhhh…and if I hadn’t mentioned it already….he and his wife each make nearly $100k a year. I make like $24k a year. My other brother is flying down from NY in a month with his kids. He only budgeted for one theme park & his kids want to go to Lego land. Of course all of us that live down here have disney annual passes. So I asked me asshole brother if he’d split the cost of buying disney tickets. He flat out said no. I make a quarter of what he earns & we’d be splitting the cost equally & he said no. What a fucking loser.

So I guess there’s a “viral video” of a proposal at the Paul McCartney concert. The guy who proposed was my 10th grade English teacher. He also was my teacher for AP English in 12th grade. Everyone on Facebook is praising him & they act like he’s an amazing teacher. He wasn’t amazing when I had him as a teacher. I swear on my life he never read my papers. He just put a “B” or “C” on it with no explanation. I was both too coward & didn’t care enough to question it….even though students with “A” papers had notes of praise all over them. If he really read my papers & was a good teacher, he would have given me notes to make me a better writer. But no. I went off to college and took Greek & Roman Humanities from a worldly professor who held a PhD & she grabbed my arm on the last day of class, looked me in the eye, and told me “you’re a wonderful writer.”

Mr. Dann can go fuck himself!

Scheduled an eye exam appointment tomorrow. I’m about 15 months overdue. This time, when she tells me I should go back to my neuro-ophthalmologist, I swear I will. I didn’t last time - march 2010. I had some edema in my eyes. But I wasn’t symptomatic, so I said “fuck it” and didn’t go. But the headaches are getting more frequent. And I’m having trouble sleeping sometimes. I’m thinking that the Pseudotumor Cerebri may be relapsing. Not sure though. But I think it’s time for a work up. I’m willing to do anything except a lumbar puncture….never again….can’t forget that painful experience. But we’ll see what happens. Best case scenario - I’m actually fine. Worst case scenario - not a false tumor, but a real one. This is why I avoid finding out. I feel like I got lucky the first time.